The title inging refers to the suffix "ing" in the English language, which is used to express actions that are in the continuous present; actions that are still in progress, that haven’t yet ended.

inging proposes the insistent practice of unscripted nonstop languaging as performance, where speaker is in direct relation with listener at the moment of articulation.

Part spoken word performance, part reverie, part dance, part oral biography, part meditation and psychotherapy, inging is a choreography of the mind, moving in the continuous present. It tracks the velocity of thought through an ongoing cascade of words. Both performer and audience are in perpetual disequilibrium, confronted with the limits of language as a paradigm for communication, knowledge and understanding. The body and its gesture emerge as the inevitable bridge between thought and language.

Jeanine Durning

Concept & Choreography Jeanine Durning

Adaptation & Interpretation Simon Tanguy

Assistance Teilo Troncy

Photography Elian Bachini

Production Compagnie Propagande C

Coproduction CNDC-Angers itinéraires Bis (Association de développement culturel et artistique des Côtes d'Armor)

Support Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Bretagne, Région Bretagne, Département des Côtes d’Armor, Agglomération de Saint-Brieuc, Collectif Rennes Danse Métropole

The original inging, created in 2010 by Jeanine Durning, is still touring in both Europe and the USA.