At the crossroad between expanded field of sculpture and choreography, Roger Sala Reyner and Simon Tanguy invite the visual artist Fanni Futterknecht  to propose a space - an elaborate, evolving visualization of their performative trip. 

Since their first collaboration in 2012, Tanguy's and Sala Reyner's artistic practice is orbiting around an altered state of consciousness -  intricate hallucinatory journey along a borderline between dreaming and wakefulness. 

This time, through Futterknecht's contribution, the morphing installation of the space will become a changing entity in itself, a third body, an equal partner in a dance. The evolving relation between living organisms and vibrating surfaces on stage will lead to a transformation of mental states into visual shapes and vice-versa. Bodies  and objects exchange places as a receptors and transmitters of irrational signals. 

Choreography & Dance Roger Sala Reyner & Simon Tanguy

Visual Concept, Installation & Characters Aesthetics Fanni Futterknecht

Dramaturgy Igor Dobric

Light Design Lea Schneidermann

Assistant Visual Concept Louise Cariou & Edith Prayer

Stage Manager Ronan Bernard

Original Music Composed & Performed by Louis Arlette

Executive Producer Marion Cachan

Outside Eye Marzena Krzeminska

Thanks to Fanton Dassonville, Elena Mitzeva, Solène Ferreol, Mathiéu Melo

Production Compagnie Propagande C

with support from the Hermès Fondation within the framework of the New Setting programme

Coproduction Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine Saint-Denis / Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble / Centre Chorégraphique National - Ballet de Lorraine / La Passerelle, Scène Nationale de Saint-Brieuc

Partners DRAC Bretagne / Conseil Régional Bretagne / Ville de Saint-Brieuc

Support Les Subsistances, Lyon (Residence 2016/17) / La Ménagerie de verre dans le cadre du studiolab / D.ID Platform for Choreographic Research, Austria / Collectif Danse Rennes Métropole